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Twelve Tribes Mezuzah

Twelve Tribes Mezuzah

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Each color of this mezuzah depicts each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Ancient Israel was divided into twelve tribes and each tribe has traditionally been associated with a particular gem and color. The tribes were loosely unified until Assyria conquered the Northern Kinddom of Israel and scattered the population, resulting in the legend of the Ten Lost Tribes.

The tribes and their colors, in order as they appear on the box, are: Reuben - ruby; Simeon - topaz; Levi - smaradg; Judah - carbuncle; Issachar - sapphire; Zevulun - emerald; Dan - zircon; Gad - agate; Naftali - amethyst; Asher - beryl; Joseph - oxyn; Benjamin - jasper. The image has been sandblasted on stained glass and fire polished in the kiln. Another layer of glass is added and then the mezuzah cover is added to the plexiglass case.

The mezuzah case comes with nails and a printed scroll or klaf, ready to be placed on the doorpost of a Jewish home. The scroll contains the words of two passages from Deuteronomy, 11:13 and 6:4-9. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 has the words of the "Shema Israel" in which God commands Jews to keep God's words constantly in their minds and in their hearts.

  • Item #: SG-3090
  • Size: 1" x 6"
  • Material: Plexiglass & Glass
  • Made in USA
  • Artist: Stained Glass Designs

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    Price $65.00


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