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Shardz Mezuzah

Shardz Mezuzah

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Each Shardz mezuzah is hand-blown and made completely from glass. Your engraving of the letter Shin is available in a three colors including: Gold,Silver or Frost Includes a non-Kosher scroll. (Kosher scrolls are available for an additional charge.) Installation instructions are included,or a mezuzah stand may be purchased for an additional charge. The color of each mezuzah will match the color of the glass shards from a vessel (sold separately) made by the artist (see below). Hand made by artist. Note: Shardz that go into this product are supplied by you. Please send shardz to: Jewish Bazaar Order ###### 9501 Mary Knoll Dr Rockville MD 20850 If your glass shardz were made by Fay Miller,colors will match exactly with her products.
  • Item #: FMA16
  • Size: 5"
  • Material: Glass
  • Made in USA
  • Custom made item - not returnable
  • Artist: Fay Miller Shardz

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    Shin Color
    Price $190.00


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